JSB - October 24, 2011

Jamaica Selectboard
Regular meeting, Monday, 24 October 2011

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (chair), Stewart Barker, Lou Bruso and Paul Fraser

Public present: Judy Flower, Wesley Ameden, Oliver Olsen (Rep to State), Krish Ameden, J'me Lee Hood, Ron Ameden, Robin Ameden, Bob O;Brien, Dale West, Karen Young, Jen Connor, Pan Dickson, Drew Adam, Tom Connor, Laurie Sullivan, Jeff Sullivan, Bob Stromski and Ed Flower (secretary)

1. The meeting was called to order at 1912 hrs.

2. The minutes of 10 October were read and approved with the following corrections: #6 should read "USDA inspectors,"  #11 should read "1/52/40," The motion was made by Mr. Bruso and seconded by Mr. Fraser.

3. The time sheets for the highway department, transfer station, town clerk, treasurer and Listers were circulated for information.

4. Ms. Dickson expressed concerns for the shoring up of some banks. It was explained by Mr. Adam that the outside curves of the banks get the greatest velocity of water in flood conditions.

5. Ms. Hood expressed concern for debris abutting her property on the stream and what will happen in the spring thaw. Mr. Bruso stated that he will be inspecting those very hazards tomorrow,

6. Ms. Ameden expressed concern for Dyers Rd again. She asked what is being planned, Mr. O'Brien explained what is being done in terms of the necessary engineering, etc.

7. Mr. Barker moved that the chair draft a letter of application to the USDA bank mitigation project. Mr. Fraser seconded the motion and it carried.

8. Mr. Fraser moved that Mr. Bruso coordinate with the USDA to arrange for contracts for the proposed work. Mr. Barker seconded the motion and it carried. Mr. Bruso asked that he be also authorized to work with the Town Attorney on the wording for homeowners' contracts.

9. The WRC is updating its charter in that the current charter is very old and outdated.

10. Mr. Fraser moved that, in view of the history of contractors' lack of properly detailed invoices, no more bills be paid until the paperwork is complete. Mr. Bruso seconded the motion and it was adopted.

11. Mr. Fraser moved that the board meet each Monday at 1900 hrs until the work of restoration is complete. Mr. Bruso seconded the motion and it passed.

12. Mr. Bruso moved that Bruce Boardman be appointed as a auditor until town meeting. Mr. Fraser seconded the motion and it passed.

The meeting adjourned at 2220 hrs.

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