JSB - November 28, 2011

Jamaica Selectboard
Regular Meeting, Monday 28 November 2011

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (chair), Stewart Barker, Brian Chapin, Lou Bruso and Paul Fraser

Public present: Bob Stomski, Jen Dorta Duque, Wesley Ameden and Ed Flower (secretary)

1. The meeting was called to order at 1902 hrs

2. The minutes of 14 Nov were read and approved with the following corrections  #1 should read the meeting was called to order at 1800 hrs; the board went into executive session at 1803; the meeting was to interview a candidate for road foreman; line 10 remove the last sentence. Barker moved approval and Mr. Fraser seconded the motion.

3. Time sheets for the various departments were circulated for information.

4. Ms. Dorta Duque spoke to the renovation of the library. The library board wants the town to take claim of the building with a quit claim deed. The board agrees and will take appropriate action.

5. A letter was received from the sheriff's office stating that they have developed a dog control program but do not have the funds to implement it.

6. An invoice was received from CHA for professional services  totaling $11,567.21. Mr. Bruso moved to pay for project number 23276 a total of $11,567.21 covering the dates 10/21/11 thru 11/4/11. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fraser and it was carried.

7. A waste water permit was received from the state for the Nemchek property.

8. A letter from the Office of the State Treasurer was received deferring our education fund payments until 2/28/12.

9. Mr. Bruso reported that the Windham Waste budget will be 8% less next year which will reduce our costs.

10. Mr. Fraser reported some gripes about road repairs including crushed culverts, difficult turns, etc. All, in due time, will be addressed. He also mentioned the legislative redistricting meeting to be held in Springfield next week.

The meeting adjourned at 2150 hrs.

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