JSB - January 9, 2012

Jamaica Selectboard
Regular Meeting, Monday 9 January 2012

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (chair), Stewart Barker, Lou Bruso and Paul Fraser

Public present: Sheriff Keith Clark, Capt. Robert Lakin, Larry Brown, Ralph Coleman, Judy Flower, Jamie Hood, Linda Sheehan, Bob Stomski and Ed Flower (secretary)

1. The meeting was called to order in executive session at 1845 hrs.

2. The executive session dissolved at 1911 hrs.

3. The minutes of 12 December 2011 were read and approved with the following corrections: #16 should read Mr. Fraser was appointed
to be the HMGP project manager as required by FEMA; # 14 should read Windham Solid Waste Management District. The motion was
made by Mr. Bruso and seconded by Mr. Barker.

4. Time sheets for the various town departments were circulated for information.

5. The Sheriff, Keith Clark and his chief deputy, Captain Robert Lakin were here to talk about the relations with the town. He explained
that the department was short handed for a while. He outlined the number and value of the traffic tickets written recently. There was a general discussion about what additional services the town wants from the department. This will be discussed by the board in budget meetings.

6. Ms. Hood inquired about the debris near her home. It is now a project and will be removed soon.

7. Mr. Coleman presented a budget figure for the listers. They are asking for level funding next year. They will be under budget for salaries this year.

8. Mr. Stomski reported on work accomplished. All construction has stopped. RipRap has been installed on Water St since the bridge piers have been stabilized. The debris has been removed from Turkey Mountain Brook. One portion of bank needs to be stabilized on the brook with large rocks. He also reported that Jersey Barriers are needed on Pikes Falls Rd. They can be rented or purchased. He has calculated the needs and presented them to the board. At this point no decisions have been made. Funding sources have to be identified, etc.

9. Mr. Rashid Joyce presented a bill for replacement of land. Mr. Barker moved that we deny payment in that the town is not liable. Mr. Bruso seconded the motion and it passed.

10.  The County Budget meeting is scheduled for 20 Jan.

11.  Mr. Bruso moved that we approve the amended contract with Dufresne Group to include an increase of $4500. This is amendment #3. The chair will sign on behalf of the board. Mr. Fraser seconded the motion and it was adopted.

12. An Act 250 Application is in process for CVPS installing utility lines on Schoolhouse Rd. This will be posted.

13. The board went into executive session at 2036 hrs.

14. The board dissolved the executive session and adjourned at 2109 hrs. There was a brief discussion of the schedule for a final budget meeting.

The board adjourned at 2200 hrs.

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