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JSB - January 11, 2012 - Special Hearing

Jamaica Selectboard
Wednesday, 11 January 2012
Public Hearing for the Sidewalk Project

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (chair), Brian Chapin, Paul Fraser, Lou Bruso (project officer)

Public present: Toni Bement, Judy Flower, Kristi Ameden, Wendy Bruso, Claire Robinson, Harry Robinson, Roger Bruso, Chrissie Legge, Virginia Magoon, Edward Magoon, Matt Mann, David Heisler, Valerie Heisler, Jonathan Bischof, Sue Stomski, Bob Stomski and Ed Flower (secretary).

1. The Hearing was called to order at 1834 hrs.

2. The chair introduced the purpose of the meeting.

3. Mr. Bruso introduced Chrissie Legge as the engineer for the project and Matt Mann from the regional commission who will serve as the project officer. Mr. Bruso gave a brief summary of the history of the planning process. He then presented the current design with graphics. He responded to questions during the presentation. He described the changes at the Pikes Falls Road intersection to include the ramp design near the Hot Glass works and the configuration of the cross walks. He described the changes in the island at Depot St. There were several questions about water drainage, curbing, parking, and traffic flow. There were no serious objections to the plan. Some people were concerned with the tax implications. The chair said she didn't think there were any implications but will check with the listers to confirm that. There were questions about the cost. The state has already put their share aside for the project and the funds required from the town are, for the most part, already in reserve.

The hearing was adjourned at 1943 hrs.

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