JSB - February 27, 2012

Jamaica Selectboard
Regular meeting, Monday, 27 February 2012

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (Chair), Steward Barker, Brian Chapin, Lou Bruso and Paul Fraser

Public present: Andy Avery, Judy Flower and Ed Flower (secretary)

1. The meeting was called to order at 1906 hrs.

2.  The minutes of 13 February were read and approved with the following changes: item #7 add "because of the population increase, Mink's name should read David and Mr. Barker was not in attendance. Mr. Bruso moved to accept the minutes as amended and Mr. Fraser seconded the motion.

3. Selectboard Pay Orders were circulated for information and approval. The time sheets for the Highway Department, Listers Office, Transfer Station and Town Office were circulated for information and approval.

4. Mr. Avery addressed the new sidewalk project. He stated that a number of residents have been opposed to parts of the project. He outlined the objections and the rational.

5. Mr. Bruso reported that all the sidewalk planning is completed. The next step is to hire a construction engineer to oversee the work. Mr. Bruso moved that the Request For Proposal be sent out for bid to hire a project manager. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fraser and it was adopted..

6. NEMRC (the organization that oversees our computer soft wear in the town office) has not been used to its capacity. They have sent a proposal to make the system user friendly. The proposal will cost $75 per hour (a discount from their usual fee of $98 per hour). Under this proposal the town will commit to 96 hours at $75 which is a minimum of $7,200.00. The chair will inquire about the hours probably needed. In the meantime Mr. Bruso moved to authorize up to 20 hours at the normal rate of $98 per hour. Mr. Fraser seconded the motion and it was adopted.

7. Liquor License approvals were requested from D.&K's Market and Meulemans Craft Draughts. Both were approved on a motion by Mr. Barker seconded by Mr. Chapin.

8. The Chair thanked the board for all the work accomplished over the last year. Several others added to these positive assessments.

9. The chair announced that the Rt 30 bridge will be replaced in the construction year 2013.

10. Mr. Bruso suggested that the road foreman be asked if he would find a notebook computer useful for his truck as a management tool. He will inquire.

11. Mr. Barker inquired about bridge repair funding and repair schedules.

12. Mr. Bruso moved to go into executive session at 2028 hrs.

13. The executive session dissolved at 2037 hrs.

The meeting adjourned at 2039 hrs.

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