Jamaica Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 26, 2009

JSB Present:  Oliver Olsen, Joel Beckwith, Lexa Clark, Lou Bruso, Brian Chapin

Meeting called to order at 7:30 P.M.

1. Approve minutes from 5/11/09 meeting with corrections on #8 to strike the second sentence and on #21 first sentence should   
read Howe Farm Road. Motion to approve minutes as amended by Lexa Clark, seconded by Lou Bruso. Motion passed.

2. Approve and sign Pay Orders #102 through #105. Approved and signed.

3. Review and approve Highway & Transfer Station Time Sheets. Reviewed and approved highway & transfer station time sheets for 5/16/09 and 5/23/09.

3a. Windham County Sheriffs Dept. letter re:  contract for the coming year.  Lexa  Clark to meet with Sheriff Clark to review  contract for signature.  Letter states  that that their reports are being done electronically and that as of 7/1/09 the  department will not longer respond to dog complaints.
4. No public concerns.

5. Dog warrants signed by the select board giving the constable permission to contact the dog owners regarding licensing and enforcing penalty fees for not licensing the dog. Motion made by Lou Bruso and seconded by Brian Chapin. Motion passed.

6. Boynton Scholarship Awards application received by Olivia Miller, three applications were sent out, with only one being returned by the deadline.  Funds in the amount of $487.00 are available for scholarship awards.  Motion made by Joel Beckwith and seconded by Lou Bruso to award Olivia Miller a $250.00 scholarship.  Motion passed.
7. Fire Mutual Aid Agreement with Keene and the Town of Jamaica signed by the select board and the fire chief.  Motion made by Joel Beckwith to have the agreement signed and seconded by Lou Bruso.  Motion passed.

8. Received $800.00 from the Municipal Education Grant Application 0219/09EG for training on capital budgeting for the select board.  This is put on by VLCT. Training will be held on June 15, 2009 at 5:00 P.M. in the Town Clerk's Meeting Room.  

9. Contract with the Vermont Department of Corrections for one year to help the town clean up from the ice storm.  Date of June 1, 2009 has been set with the Department of Corrections and the Town's Road Crew.  Motion made by Lou Bruso to have the chairman sign the contract and seconded by Brian Chapin. Motion passed.

10. Kearly Fuel tank - tabled to be taken up at the next select board meeting.

11. Letter to FairPoint from the town giving them permission to update their equipment.  Motion made by Joel Beckwith and seconded by Lou Bruso to have the the chairman sign the letter.  Motion passed.

12. Request from Jamaica Old Home Day committee to erect poles on the Rawsonville school and the Ballantine ball field with the help of the Town Road Crew.  Brian Chapin will talk with Karen Ameden.

13. Recommendation from town attorney Carole Melis, Esq. that the town not adpot a  loitering ordinance regarding the grade school incident.  Oliver Olsen to contact Jeff Buffum, chair of the Jamaica Grade School.

14. Oliver Olsen stated that other towns are interested in solid waste district, Winhall is interested.  Continuation with discussion on this matter.

15. Multi-town fuel purchasing agreement.  Oliver Olsen has spoken with the town of Manchester, waiting to hear from the town of Winhall.  Continuation of discussion.

16. Final Draft Personnel Policy was reviewed, after discussion with the select board, Lexa Clark to complete the personnel policy and have ready before the end of June for review with the town employees.

17. Treasurers financial statement available to the select board.

18. Miscellaneous notices and newsletter. 

19. Discussion of letter received from Sophia Sanderson re: cemetery lot, she would like the Selectboard to contact the Bruce Chapin, sexton to correct where her lot is located.  Lou Bruso to contact Bruce Chapin.
20. Lou Bruso spoke with Bill Creamer from Dauchy & Creamer Associates, land surveyors about doing a survey of the towns sidewalks.  Voted that no more than $2,000.00 be paid for the survey.  Motion made by Lou Bruso and seconded by  Brian Chapin.

21. Motion made by Oliver Olsen to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Brian Chapin.   Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 9:12 P.M.