Selectboard Meeting 3-12-18

Jamaica Selectboard Minutes

Monday, March 12, 2018

Selectboard present: Paul Fraser (Chair), Andrew Coyne (Vice Chair), Judith Flower, Gregory Meulemans, Thomas Tolbert

Public Preset: Rich Melanson(BCTV), Joel Bluming, Sara Wiswall (Town Clerk)

Paul Fraser called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Introduced new board members, Tom Tolbert and Greg Meulemans

Introduced new Town Clerk, Sara Wiswall.

Swear in town clerk, no objections.

Town Appointments:

Fence Viewer– Steven Clark

Animal Control Officer– Rob Willis

Surveyors of Wood, Lumber& Weigher of Coal– vacant

Tree Warden– Ben Williams

Health Officer– Andy Coyne until September 2019

Deputy Health Officer- Joel Beckwith

Cemetery Sextons:

East Jamaica, Jamaica Village & South Windham– L. Bruce Chapin

West Jamaica, South Hill & Pikes Falls– Karen Ameden

Rawsonville– Nelson Coleman

Emergency Management Coordinator– Paul Fraser

Rescue Inc. Rep– Stewart Barker

Energy Coordinator– Chris Clark

Flood Zone Administrator- Lou Bruso

Windham Regional Commissioners– vacant

Planning Commission & Zoning Board Adjustment- Christopher Robins, Rebecca Ohm, & Brian Zieroff

Recreation Committee– Rob Harris, Bob Johnson, Julie Olssohn, Caroline Persson, Matt Winkler

Village Beautification– Karen Ameden and Joe Dumas

Fire Warden– Stewart Barker

Assistant Fire Warden– Joel Beckwith

911 Coordinator– Erica Bowman

Senior Solutions– Jeannine Stone

WSWMD– Judy Flower

WRC Transportation Committee– Joel Bluming, meets 2nd Monday @ 4:30 p.m. at WRC

Selectboard Officers:

Chairman– Paul Fraser

Vice Chairman– Andy Coyne

Road Commissioner– Andy Coyne

Sherriff’s Dept. Rep– Tom Tolbert

Transfer Station Supervisor– Judy Flower

Assistant Transfer Station- Greg Meulemans

Newspaper of Record– Brattleboro Reformer

Minute Taker(Town Clerk)- Sara Wiswall

*Andy was interested in Sherriff’s Dept. Rep position but because he has other commitments on the board already he decided to not pursue it and Tom was voted into the position.

*Greg was interested in the chairperson positioned but decided to wait to run for the position.

*Newspaper on record was discussed because the Commons is a good and free newspaper but lacks the daily publication that the Brattleboro Reformer offers. It was decided to keep the Brattleboro Reformer for now.

Meetings are 2nd & 4th Monday at 7:00 p.m.


Regular Selectboard Meeting:

1.Call for any late additions to  the agenda: Joel Bluming WRC Tranportation Committee

2.Approved minutes of Feb. 26th Selectboard meeting. Approved, none opposed.

3.Approve time sheets for: town office, listers, highway and transfer station. Moved to the end of the meeting.

4.Sign Selectboard orders. Moved to the end of the meeting.

5.Review Liquor License Renewal Request. North Country General renewal for 3 liquor licenses. One for outside consumption, one for the bar and one for packaging. Approved and signed at the end of the meeting.

6.Review excess weight permit request. Colton Enterprises has made a request for a permit to take a 9 ½ ton vehicle for a 4 ton maximum bridge. (Depot St. Bridge to the park) Andy will call tomorrow to talk about halving the loads. Andy will call and talk to them before signing the permit. None opposed.

7.Continuing discussion regarding a possible letter the Legislature regarding our concerns about possible changes in the Open Meeting Law. Explanation of the Open Meeting Law- It is an effort to prevent solicitation in meetings such as the Selectboard meetings. It is trying to stop people from talking others into their opinions.

Joel had written a letter about this and it was suggested by Greg that the Town Clerk send the letter out so that one of the Selectboard is going against the Open Meeting Law but sending the letter. This is to be put back on the agenda for the next meeting.

  1. Public Concerns- Joel Bluming brought up the WRC transportation committee and specifically prioritizing the bridge to the state park. Joel recommends that others write letters to the urgency of the bridge repair so that it will get more attention and hopefully move the process along. It was suggested that the state park would get involved because it effects them.

Andy would like to talk to Erica (at VTrans) before committing to anything. This will be added to the agenda for the next Selectboard meeting.


Public Concerns- none

Selectboard goes into executive session at 8:07 p.m.

8:10 p.m. start Muzzy Fund executive session

8:45 p.m. end session

8:46 p.m. start executive session for transfer station attendant

8:47 p.m. end session

8:48 reconvened

Tom made the motion to accept the recommendation from the Muzzy Fund committee to allocate $2000 towards the purchase of a vehicle as requested by a Jamaica resident. Seconded by Judy and it passed with 4-1 vote.

Made a motion to approve hiring substitutes for transfer station: Demetri Sochin and William Kuchinski.

Training is available for new Selectboard members. Both new members will go to training in Fairlee. Approved training.

8:58 p.m. Adjourned