Multi-Agency Resource Center for Jamaica

The Vermont Agency of Human Services will be setting up a multi-agency resource center (MARC) in the meeting room at the Fire Station starting Thursday, 7/27. This event runs through Tuesday 8/1 from 9:00-5:00. What follows is a brief overview of the services provided for the community. This is the same kind of event that was held in Wardsboro last week/weekend.

MARC Services
Specific types of assistance and services provided at a MARC are determined by participating agencies according to community needs and available resources. These may commonly include:

  • Assistance locating temporary housing;
  • Information about the casework process, how to obtain assistance, and referrals to other off-site services as available;
  • Emotional and spiritual care, as well as other health and mental health services (also provides an opportunity for MARC staff to receive support and prevent emotional fatigue);
  • Access systems that support reunification including, but not limited to, email accounts, social media sites, and reunification tools like the American Red Cross “Safe and Well” website, which enable those affected by the disaster to register and notify family members of their condition and location;
  • Distribution of bulk supplies;
  • A location that serves as a meeting place for families, friends and community members.