DVFiber and Great Works Internet are working together to secure high-speed Internet for every home and business in our 24-town district.

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DVFiber is the Deer Valley Communications Union District’s business name. We are a municipal district with the mission of providing affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service that will support economic development and expand educational opportunities within the 24 towns of the district.

DVFiber and Great Works Internet (GWI) are building a network that can provide a fiber optic connection to the Internet for every home in the Windham County region. We will offer equal download and upload speeds ranging from 100/100 megabits per second to 800/800 megabits per second at affordable prices. What’s more, we will guarantee these speeds 100% of the time. No more delays, slow large file download times, video stream buffering, dropped connections, or slow-downs during peak usage times or when the whole family gets online. We are planning to reach this goal by early 2023

Please visit our website, dvfiber.net to learn more about us and our project. There you will be able to learn about: the background leading up to the Deer Valley Communications Union District formation, how we were established, and the legislation that established Vermont’s communication union districts. You can catch up on DVFiber’s news, and find more background information including the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and definitions of terms used in those answers.

DVFiber will reach out to every Jamaica resident, vacation homeowner, renter, and landlord by mail, email, town information meetings, and if needed, a door-to-door campaign, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be connected. The contact menu item of our website will be activated soon. It will let you put your name on the email list of people to be contacted when the fiber optic cable approaches your home. This will ensure you have the opportunity to subscribe as soon as it passes your home. In the mean-time, when you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page, we will place your name on the email contact list as well as keep you informed of our progress.

What’s the latest…

DVfiber as applied for a $4.1M grant from the pre-construction funds allocated to us from Vermont’s broadband portion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. We hope to have the grant approved by November when we will  commence network engineering design. We are shooting to begin construction early in 2022 when  construction grant funding is available. Our goal is to finish construction in early 2023.