JSB - January 23, 2012

Jamaica Selectboard
Regular Meeting, Monday 23 January 2012

Selectpersons present: Lexa Clark (chair), Stewart Barker, Brian Chapin, Lou Bruso and Paul Fraser
Public present: Vicki and John Zurawel, Judy Flower, Keith Hazard (road foreman), Jen and Ed Dorta Duque,  Greg Sochin, David Milik, and Ed Flower (secretary).

1.The meeting was called to order at 1904 hrs.

2.The minutes of 9 January were read and approved on a motion by Mr. Fraser and seconded by Mr. Bruso.

3.Selectboard pay orders were circulated for approval and signature. Time sheets for the Highway Department, Town Clerk's Office and Lister's Office were circulated for information.

4.Mr. and Mrs. Zurawel stated that their house on Pikes Falls Rd was a total loss in the flood. Mr. Fraser explained that there are not sufficient federal funds to cover second homes. He is not optimistic but urged them not to give up hope.

5.The road foreman stated that they are almost out of tire chains. They need four pair at $9.22 per pair.

6.Ms. Dorta Duque said the library has to hire an attorney to file the quit claim deed to the town. She also spoke to the problem of very outdated computers and the need to build privacy cubicles for the computers. They plan to replace the computers. They also need to purchase appropriate licenses. They have some funds available. They need to raise an additional $500 to complete these projects. The chair said she would follow up on the deed issue.

7.Mr. Sochin spoke about his mortgage issue in relation to the flood. The town was supposed to make a payment and his credit score is at risk. The chair said she would follow up on this.

8.The board had been asked to read the draft of the town plan and make comments. Mr. Fraser noted that the clerk and tax collector are no longer elected as the plan states. Mr. Bruso noted that the section on the Waste Management district is not correct. The district is only concerned with recycled materials and hazardous waste. Actual waste goes to Brattleboro Salvage. This needs to be corrected. Mr. Fraser stated that we are considering expanding the police contract. Mr. Barker questioned the section requiring sprinkler systems in multiple unit housing. This is too restrictive and expensive. A general comment about the number of times the term "required" is used and a question about the appropriate use of that term in each case. The commission needs to do a word search and make a determination in each case. Dr. J. Flower explained the process of hearings and approval to the board.

9.Mr. Bruso spoke to the issue of compensation for easements for the sidewalk project. He has contacted each property owner concerned. These persons had the option of donating this compensation to the town or receiving it. About two thirds of the owners made the donation. Five owners requested the compensation. This totaled $2,598.

10.Mr. Bruso stated that most of the right of way issues for the sidewalk project have been resolved.

11.Mr. Fraser reported that Mr. Stomski said they can do with a lot fewer jersey barriers as earlier reported.

12.Mr. Fraser moved to go into executive session for the purposed of a real estate transaction at 2045 hrs.

13.The executive session dissolved at 2105 hrs and the meeting adjourned at 2106 hrs.

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