Jamaica Planning Commission Wastewater Feasibility Study

The Jamaica Planning Commission (JPC) has been working on initiatives identified in the current Jamaica Town Plan to provide relief to the existing constraints on current and future uses for properties in the Village.  These constraints are related to water supply systems that are unable to be permitted, and existing wastewater disposal facilities that limit seating/uses, and have been directly affecting our current property owners and/or users.  The JPC has researched State funding options to complete a wastewater system feasibility study.  This study would review the concept of establishing a community wastewater disposal system that would potentially serve at least some of the properties in Jamaica Village.  A report prepared by the JPC, and presented to the Selectboard, included a review of the Town Plan priorities, a summary of the potential community septic system, the funding process to complete the work, the project cost of the feasibility study, and the application for State funds.  The Selectboard reviewed the JPC report, and voted to submit the application.  The JPC application is available for review and is included by clicking on the following link:

APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE – Septic – for Selectboard Review – 090720